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On November 26, iP3 successfully held an indomitable move forward - iP3 Intel new product launch conference at Shanghai Sheshan Shimao Intercontinental Hotel (Shimao Shenkeng Hotel). As a leader in the technology industry, iP3 has focused on the high-end product line of the big core this time, and announced the long-awaited four series of innovative products: business notebook, game notebook, two-in-one, and all-in-one, as well as the future big core Product Strategy.


Mackle.cao, CEO of iP3, as the opening speech, told global customers that the shipment of iP3's large-core products will reach more than 2 million units in 2020-2021. In the future, iP3 will continue to develop towards the large-core mid-to-high-end product line, focus on the R&D and innovation of business notebooks, and continue to upgrade and challenge game notebooks. Continue to invest at least 500 engineers in the innovation of large nuclear products, gather the research and development strength of six major research centers including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing, and empower products. In order to better focus on customer service, Yingzhong Technology has also established a special customer service system, allowing the iron triangle of CFE (customer delivery management) + sales + PM (customer product solution management) to quickly respond to customer needs and give full play to the advantages of team operations. Bring the ultimate service experience to customers. 


iP3 TECHNOLOGY  CEO  Mackle.cao

The press conference invited two important guests, Sun Baoci, Senior Director of Intel China Computer Division, and Cheng Ting, Senior Marketing Manager of Microsoft. The two guests said at the press conference that the new product release of Yingzhong Technology has brought them a lot. surprise. The new products of this conference will set off a storm of products in the industry. The mature product line planning and innovative technology demonstrate the hard power of Yingzhong Technology. Both executives expressed that they would look forward to in-depth cooperation with iP3 in the field of product innovation in the future.


Sun Baoci, Senior Director of Intel China Computer Division


Cheng Ting, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Mr. Tai Dechun, deputy general manager of research and development of iP3/ director of iP3 Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute, as the spokesperson of this new product, said that iP3 has always broken through the boundaries of the technology industry and made breakthrough innovations in the future. Demand" is the top priority of this conference. According to the key points, we sort out and analyze, cut into all walks of life to understand the real needs and concerns of users, highlight the innovative product concept that iP3 has always adhered to, and mainly focus on the following four points: 1. Good-looking, 2. Easy to use, 3. Safe, 4. Reliable.


Deputy General Manager of R&D of Yingzhong Group / Dean of Yingzhong Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute Tai Dechun

This press conference highlights Yingren's persistent pursuit of "good-looking" and integrates natural elements into product design for the first time. In the past six months, after in-depth visits to some advanced technologies in East China and Chongqing, the innovative application of 3D inkjet printing technology to products is committed to bringing more possibilities in appearance.


iP3 takes the aspect of "easy to use" as the central investment, aiming at the needs of different scenarios such as work, life, and entertainment. More upgrades have been made in the use of functions, and more choices are given to customers in terms of performance, bringing users the ultimate experience in use, and through our performance management design, it brings users better performance in various applicable scenarios. performance matching experience.


 "Security" is what iP3 has always insisted on. For privacy and security, we design and use physical camera switch, fingerprint recognition and face recognition technology. For data security, we use Intel vPro technology in the solution, and through Microsoft Secured-Core PC Authentication has become a security weapon in the digital age.


iP3 has always been "reliable" in quality, which is our basic requirement for all products. In the past year, iP3 has invested huge resources and manpower in improving product reliability. Our products have passed more than 10 US military Standard test, it can also keep running in a variety of extreme environments, showing its true strength.



The business notebook announced at this press conference is a magnesium-aluminum alloy semi-solid molding, light to thin design, with gorgeous five-color ID design, the same ID has 15W, 28W, 45W to 95W design support, and has and The performance-matched TDP design and extreme performance can meet the needs of various user scenarios. Not only the appearance and performance coexist, but also more functional upgrades, so that business notebooks have more possibilities. 


This is the first gaming notebook launched by iP3. It adopts Intel's latest 45W CPU and Intel's latest 120W discrete display. The product adopts a 16-inch 16:10 high refresh rate and high color gamut gaming screen, an 80WH super large battery, and a color game backlight. The keyboard and Killer gaming network card meet the extreme performance requirements of gaming notebook customers. 



At the press conference, two new all-in-one machines were released. One is a 23.8-inch all-in-one machine specially designed for bidding and business. The product uses a Thin mini ITX motherboard, and the CPU supports small cores to large cores and desktop platforms. There is also a new minimalist series of products, which are thinner than imagined. The CPU adopts the notebook platform, and the screen has two options of LED and OLED, which brings better product experience according to the market and customer needs.

With the release of win11, iP3 launched a new 2-in-1 product, a full range of sizes can be selected, and supports the latest generation of Intel CPU. And for new products, launched a variety of new features. In the future, iP3 will continue to bring you more innovative products.


The press conference attracted many executives from leading companies in the industry chain to witness the product feast, and opened two live broadcast platforms in Chinese and English around the world. You can choose to watch the channel according to the language, and set up mobile live broadcast and overseas exclusive live broadcast. In the overseas live broadcast at night, we released new products in the form of drama for the first time, and through a new interpretation, we displayed innovative products more vividly. The novel live broadcast of products set off an upsurge online, making the cumulative number of online viewers of the press conference on the day as high as nearly 3 million.



The collision of ideas with the elites of the technology industry at the press conference also made iP3 people start a new thinking about future product innovation. In the future, iP3 will adhere to the strategy of medium and high-end large-core products, continue to focus on product upgrades and R&D innovation, and look forward to bringing more amazing product solutions to global customers in the near future.

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