2020 iP3 group Annual Summary Meeting/ Look back to the present and to the future

iP3 successfully held a two-day 2020 annual summary meeting at Xiamen Nikko Hotel from 2020.12.26 to 2020.12.27. Representatives from various departments of iP3 gathered here from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and other places to make a year-end summary report.      


The 2020 annual work summary conference was opened by Mackle.cao, CEO of iP3, and together with representatives of various departments of iP3, reviewed the development of iP3 in 2020, and summarized it from various aspects. CEO  Mackle.cao first affirmed the efforts and achievements of the employees of iP3 in the past year, and said that in the new year of 2021, he will make persistent efforts and work together with all employees to continue to help the growth of iP3.



At the beginning of the meeting, the leaders of each department started from the work content of the department they are responsible for, summarized and reported the work in 2020, and made a plan for iP3's work in 2021, answered questions from various departments on the spot, shared advanced experience, existing problems and solutions Way. The atmosphere at the meeting was warm, and the representatives discussed work issues, and put forward many new ideas for the work in 2021, such as "scientific and technological innovation ideas", "customer needs", "how to respond to market changes in a timely and rapid manner" and "globalization exploration" etc. Several aspects are discussed in depth.     


In 2020, iP3 successfully held Zhaoxin & iP3 Product Launch Conference, 10th Generation Core Display Era and Ecological Chain Release Conference, Tiger Lake Online Product Launch Conference, Scenario-based Innovation Seminar and 5G New Product Launch Conference5 A large-scale press conference, continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs, to help the pace of global development of iP3. It has won the high recognition of many internationally renowned customers with its strength, which demonstrates the scientific research and innovation capabilities and broad development prospects of iP3.



In the end, Mackle.cao, CEO of iP3, highly affirmed the work achievements of each department so far. In 2021, each department should give full play to their respective strengths, constantly meet new challenges, seek new breakthroughs, and contribute to the global development of iP3. a force of In the international market, it is bound to provide more comprehensive and professional solutions for global customers and create an international brand with leading technology. 

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